1 hr

$70 / session

Perfect for when: You just want to relax. Your first massage, geriatric, pediatric or pregnancy massage and energy work sessions.

1.5 hrs Best Value

$100 / session

Ideal for: Combination of pain relief and relaxation. Medical massage, cupping sessions & energy work with massage.

2 hrs

$150 / session

Ideal for: Ultimate relaxation and healing, a perfect time for athletes who want to increase performance. Ideal time for combo treatments like cupping, hot stone, warm bamboo & energy work with massage.


We know getting away can sometimes be difficult so we bring the spa to you! 4GreatMassage offers therapeutic massage and energy work sessions to clients (and pets) of all ages in the comfort of your own home.

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Relaxation / Swedish

Pure organic coconut oil is used with a combination of gentle stretching and long gliding movement. Intended to increase circulation and promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits. It is a classic massage that will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of body mind wellness.

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Deep Tissue / Therapeutic

Deep Tissue (better described as Therapeutic Massage) does NOT equal deep pain! Pressure is gradually increased, allowing the muscle fibers to soften and release. Focused on breaking up scar tissue and adhesion; this massage uses a combination of stretching, trigger point, neuromuscular and deeper pressure techniques.

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Using a hand held vacuum pump, specially designed cups are placed on the body in target areas. The vacuum pulls the underlying muscle tissue up into the cup and brings blood flow up to the skin's surface.

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(More...) The cups are then dragged along the body to release and stretch the muscle fiber. The marks left may look dramatic but they are not a bruise, do not usually cause any pain and the marks typically fade within a few days.

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Hot Stone

Smooth basalt stones are gently warmed then placed upon different areas of your body. The heat from the stones relaxes tight muscle fibers and brings comfort to the body. The stones can also be used as "tools" to release trigger points and glide along the body creating a soothing release. Great for relaxation and therapeutic results.

Call for details on location restrictions.

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The health benefits from bamboo have long been known and used in traditional medicine & now you can experience the benefits yourself! In this massage Bamboo canes are warmed and then used to roll and strech the muscle fibers in your body. Pressure can easily be adjusted to create a relaxing massage that increases lymphatic flow to deep tissue techniques to help athletes perform at their peek.

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Child Massage

Kid or child massage helps with relaxation, growth, stimulation, development and improves an infant or child’s sleep pattern. Children from three months up to eighteen can be helped.

Parent or guardian consent is needed for any minor to receive massage services.

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The perfect gift of love for You and Baby to be. Prenatal massage is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. This massage can help alleviate backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps and more.

2nd & 3rd trimester only

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Senior Care / Hospice Care

Gentle touch and compassionate care using specific techniques to bring peace and comfort to our elders. Massage is typically performed with the client comfortably seated in a chair, wheelchair or their own bed with no need to transfer to a massage table. (If you run a facility group sessions are available, please contact me).

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Massage & Energy Work for your fur babies! Dogs especially enjoy the added attention and healing touch of massage. Special techniques and compression helps to increase joint mobility and decrease pain associated with injury and/or age.

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(More...) Individual sessions are available or add sometime to your massage for you pet too! - 10 minutes free with any "people" massage or $1 minute for individual sessions (min 20 minutes)

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Reiki Session

Using ancient practices and techniques energy is channeled through the body to align chakras, restore balance and help the body, mind and spirit to heal. Hands are gently placed along the body or can be held above the client.

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Theta Healing

Every emotional and physical pain can be traced back and associated with a trauma or negative beliefs. Through discussion, energy testing and digging we can uncover that root belief and release it by connecting with creator. This is intense energy work and is strongly connected to spiritual beliefs.

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Chair / Corporate Events

Using a specially designed ergonomic massage chair clients sit fully clothed and comfortable. Pressure point and trigger point techniques as well as stretching are used to relax tired and strained neck, back, shoulders and arms. This is a great way to thank your employees, guests and clients at your place of business or treat your friends at your next party!

Contact us today for corporate and event rates as well as payment options.

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Host a Munchkins Class

Are you a teacher, day care provider, pastor or other community & family event planner? The How to Massage Munchkins classes instruct caregivers and kids in massage techniques with a fun interactive twist. Classes can be adjusted to just parents, parents with kids or just children (with parental consent).

Contact us to design a class perfect for your event.

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Host an Oils Class

Essential oil classes can be purly educational on the properties of oils as well as their uses OR they can be fun, interactive Make & Take classes where each participant gets to bring home an oil based product that they created! High grade therapeutic oils are used in these classes along with organic bases and natural products. Some examples are healthy home cleaning, non-toxic beauty products, belnds for emotional balance, holiday gifts and so much more.

Contact us to design a class perfect for your event.


Essential Oils

You know that true wellness is more than just physical health. Discover your wellness-focused lifestyle with our pure, whole-life solutions.

About Me

A little about me!

Hello, My name is Dawn Murphy and I firmly believe that my purpose in life is to help people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. This drive has lead me to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Theta Healer. I graduated top of my class from Cortiva School of Massage Therapy in 2013 and continue in my quest to learn and expand. In doing so I have earned several certifications and accomplishments that I use everyday to bring the best massage experiences to you, my clients.

Each client has different needs and desires for each session, this is why I do custom sessions where YOUR needs are the priority. I am very proud to add that my services have helped so many families (adults, kids & pets) which has lead to receiving a Best of the Bay award in 2018 from Creative Loafing. However my biggest accomplishment, as a medical practitioner, is when my clients tell me that they have been able to reduce and in some cases completely eliminate their dependence on pain medications and continue on a more holistic path of health care.

I look forward to helping you and your family feel great!

Dawn Murphy